Vintage Bakelite and Plastic Objects



Item: EI-4210

Old BAKELITE & CELLULOID Drink Marker Charms w/ Stand


Vintage charms to help identify your drink at a party hang from a piece of glass. The glass stands up with the help of the little black and cream corn stand on either end. The glass is not attached to the stand. The charms are made of celluloid and the stand is Bakelite. The stand measures 5 1/2 x 1 1/2 in. It is in excellent condition.




Item: EI-3025



Here is a vintage 1930s Mint in Original Box (including tissue paper) ART DECO Machine Age AEROLUX LAMP night light. The lamp is chrome with a black Bakelite handle. It measures approx. 3 in. tall. The box measures 6 1/2 in. I believe these are pretty hard to find in this condition in original packing. From what I was told this came from the attic of an old hardware store in St. Augustine, FL. and is new old stock. Appears to be in excellent working order. I did put a bulb in the lamp and the lamp worked. (No bulb is included).
There is no damage (except for pieces of one of the labels missing on the box as shown in the pictures). The original cord has not been uncoiled. This is a wonderful hard to find item.




Item: EI-4491

Unusual Figural SPOOL CLOWN Bakelite Crib Toy Tykie Toy Co..

Here is a hard to find and unusual figural Spool clown crib toy doll which I believe was made by the Tykie Toy Co. in the 1930fs-40fs. I have only seen a couple of these in the 15 years that I have been collecting and selling Bakelite. The colors have changed due to the aging patina which has turned them into a soft butterscotch, cream corn, yellow, red, maroon, olive green and caramel colors. His body is thick and chunky and his neck ring is a bright red. His scallop shaped hat is maroon. This item was well loved as evidenced by the missing face paint, but his buttons remain. There are no chips or cracks. He could use a little cleaning though. He measures 5 1/2 in. not including the chain. Some of the earlier crib toys used chains to hook the on to the carriage or crib. A wonderful addition to any Bakelite, crib toy or baby items collection.




Item: EI-3960



Here is an unusual pair of advertising Bakelite dice for the liquor JOHNNY WALKER SCOTCH WHISKY. They come with a leather cup also marked with the advertising logo. One of the dice has dots and one has card suits. They measure 9/16h (seems like an odd size, but I measured them twice)...Cup measures 4 in. No damage.




Item: EI-3756

Bakelite and Celluloid Trinket or Ring Box


Tiny Bakelite and Celluloid trinket or ring box with a Celluloid HUMPTY DUMPTY Egg laminated on top. He almost looks like he is running for his life. They are book pieces found in Dee Battle's book BEST OF BAKELITE on pg. 62 and they are valued between $250-$400. They open like a little hat box....the top and bottom are Bakelite and the center is celluloid and so is the Humpty Dumpty....The grass is hand painted. This dates to 1930s. Measures 1 1/8 in. high x 1 1/2 in. in diameter.




Item: EI-4313

1950s Womens Rhinestone Blue Lucite Cat Eye Folding EyeGlasses

Here is a gorgeous pair of vintage 1950s Lucite (I believe) folding cat eyeglasses with rhinestones (all present). Unusual color (light translucent blue). They measure approx. 4 1/2 in. across and 1 1/4 in. from the middle of the eyeglass part top to bottom. Arm measures 3 in. long. Marked Made in Hong Kong. Excellent condition.



Item: EI-3738

50s Womens Blue Lucite Cat Eye EyeGlasses + Rhinestones


Here is a great pair of vintage 1950s Lucite (I believe) cat eyeglasses with tiny rhinestones at the corner (all present). Unusual color (light blue). There are lenses in these, but you can have your own prescription put in. They measure approx. 5 1/2 in. across and 1 in. from the middle of the eyeglass part top to bottom. Arm measures 4 in. long before it bends down. One of the arms is a little off the surface when put down open...can surly be adjusted by an optometrist. Unmarked. Excellent condition.



Item: EI-3191



Here is a fantastic dated 1927 unused red vintage Celluloid Auction Bridge book with a trump marker on the cover written in lovely gold script is the the word BRIDGE and at the bottom near the trump marker the words NO TRUMP. The little black Celluloid arrow moves to the suit you want. The little card symbols are laminated celluloid. It also has its original little pencil attached to the Celluloid loop. On the inside left side of the book there are counts, penalties and bonuses for the game and on the other side is a pad to keep score. At the bottom it is marked 1927 Revised count on last page. . This is in MINT condition with original box. Measures 5 in. x 3 in. Colors are bright. This is really Art Deco Supreme!




Item: EI-3662


Fabulous vibrant cherry red bakelite table lighter. Heavy and solid. It measures
6 x 2 3/4 x 1 3/4 (x1) in. Excellent condition with no chips or cracks, has a felt bottom, but needs a flint. This is a wonderful Deco item to add to your collection.



  Item: EI-2432


Unusual pair of BAKELITE ADVERTISING DICE for Tylenol with Codeine. Codeine has not been in Tylenol for years. The dice measure 5/8 in. They have only 3s and 4s dots so you always roll a perfect 7! They are in great condition and would be a great addition for the casino, advertising or Bakelite collector.


  Item: EI-722


Unusual cross collectible...BARWARE & CASINO... Here are 2 sets of Bakelite dice inside a mini chrome cocktail shaker. The shaker is lined with a purple fabric, so the dice make less noise when shaken. Measures 2 in. Bottom is marked DRGM REGD Germany. I would guesstimate the vintage to be around 1940’s-50s, but I am not positive. Excellent condition with some surface wear which is typical of an item of this nature. Dice appear to be in good condition with typical wear of items of this age.

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$ 125.00

Item: EI-4593

BOBBY BEAR Bakelite Crib toy Tykie Toy Co.

BOBBY BEAR crib toy #202 was made by the Tykie Toy Co. in the 1930fs-40fs. The colors have changed due to the aging patina which has turned them into a soft orange, butterscotch, olive green, and tan colors. This item was well loved and the original strings were very frayed. It has been professionally restrung to make if strong. There are no chips or cracks or damage to the bakelite. He measures 3 1/2 in. A wonderful addition to any Bakelite, crib toy or baby items collection.


  Item: EI-2124

Rialto Lucite Jewelry box 1950s

Signed Rialto jewelry box made of pearly white Lucite. the top lifts up to display a mirror and first shelves. Drawers slide out and there is a fourth compartment. Drawers are lined with butterscotch felt...(I believe that they are covering the original green felt covering). The jewelry box is in great condition with no chips, cracks, odors or repairs. All parts open and close well. A very nice piece for the Lucite purse, vintage plastics or Bakelite collector...As seen in Dee Battles book, BEST OF BAKELITE. It measures 9x6x5 in.

| |

$ 125.00

Item: EI-499


Wonderful and very hard to find, I offer for your consideration this great Bakelite cigarette case. It has elegant brass hinges which decorate the top. It has a very rich butterscotch caramel patina on the top, while the bottom and the inside are more of a yellow butterscotch color. Wonderful marbling. The case measures 4 x 2 3/4 x 1/2 in. It has no chips or cracks. Absolutely tested + with Simichrome.

| |

$ 200.00

Item: EI-1803

Chrome & Bakelite Bullet shaped Lighter WWll

Here is a very interesting World War ll item made in the shape of a large bullet made of chrome and Bakelite. The lighter is in good condition with some surface scratches on the chrome and there is a tiny flea bite on the Bakelite base. The lighter needs a flint and some fluid to work. It is a really neat conversation piece measuring 5 5/8 in. tall.



Item: EI-710


Fantastic and rare set of Bakelite napkin rings depicting the 4 suits of playing cards...heart, club, diamond, spade in appropriate red and black. Tests positive for Bakelite using the hot water test (the MOST RELIABLE TEST for testing Bakelite). Each measures 2 1/8 in. in diameter. Excellent condition.

$ 350.00

Item: EI-1175

Retro Rhinestone Cat Eye Folding Glasses

Absolutely fabulous!!!! These black folding glasses are possibly made of Bakelite or Lucite. They have the most sparkly aurora borealis rhinestones around the whole frame except the ear piece. None missing, all bright and clear. No lenses, so you can have them made for you. These are great! The eye piece part measure 5 1/2 in. wide. x 1 3/8 in from top to bottom. Folded they measure 2 3/4 in. wide.






Item: EI-1595

RARE Figural Celluloid Jewelry Box 1924

A rare find indeed, is this figural celluloid jewelry box in the shape of an old time record player. The top opens (this is where the record player would be) and the bottom has a door that slides open and closed (dated 1924). The top is monogrammed MRS. It is in excellent condition with no chips or cracks. It has those wonderful French Ivory striations. It measures 5 1/4 in. tall x 3 1/4 in. wide x 3 1/4 in. deep. It is lined in a greenish blue velvet which is in excellent condition as well.

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$ 135.00

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