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Item: EI-70


Vintage perfume bottle charms. Shown in this picture are 5 different ones (SOLD SEPARATELY). The perfumes are LE JADE, JOY DE BAIN, WORTH, TEA ROSE and TWEED. They are vintage Lucite with Celluloid labels/ hand painted details and some have Bakelite. They measure approx. 1 1/4 in. and have flat backs. Condition is excellent.


$125.00 each

Item: EI-69


Vintage perfume bottle charms. Shown in this picture are 4 different ones (SOLD SEPARATELY). The perfumes are BLUE MOON, TWEED, ROSES and SPRUCE. They are vintage Lucite with Celluloid labels/handpainted details and some have Bakelite. They measure approx. 1 1/4 in. and are fully round. Condition is excellent..


$125.00 each

Item: EI-4178


Great Bakelite 2 color powder dispenser in marbled red and butterscotch. Unscrew the bottom and fill the tube with powder. Tip sideways when you depress the butterscotch top and the powder comes out the top. The measures 3 in. No flaws, works perfectly, mint condition.





Item: EI-3953


Excellent condition vintage old stock 1940's~50's heart shaped bakelite perfume holder. It measure 3/4" wide x 1" tall. Offered is one green, one red and one butterscotch colored bakelite heart with a white lucite dot in the center as pictured. Each has a metal chain & screw out dauber stick. They are being sold separately.




GREEN: $135.00          BUTTERSCOTCH: $135.00           RED: $155.00

Item: EI-3952

BAKELITE MINI PERFUME Prystal Red Diamond with Heart Top

Here is a cute Bakelite and cut glass perfume bottle. The top is in the shape of a diamond with a laminated black heart. The bottle is a pretty cut glass. It measures approx. 1 3/4 in. It is in great condition.




Item: EI-72


A nice vintage Bakelite perfume vial that is carved in the shape of an Egyptian mummy. Color is butterscotch yellow. Condition is very good with the exception of a flea bite size chip on the top (can be seen in picture #2 and I only noticed it when I looked at the picture enlarged.) Measures 5" tall.




Item: EI-2045

Unusual Vintage Mini * HOPE PERFUME * Bottle MIB

This little perfume bottle is called HOPE by Frances Denny. It comes in a wonderful plastic cylinder container with red stripes and a large colored rhinestone snowflake? jeweled design on top. The presentation reminds me of Christmas. So I am going to say that this was a Christmas offering of days gone by. The container measures 2 in. x 1 3/4 in. Excellent unused condition. A lovely one to add to your perfume collection.





Item: EI-3934


Adorable little perfume bottle with a yellow/butterscotch Bakelite scotty dog top. This was manufactured by the Bouton Co. This mini measures 1 3/4 in. No chips or cracks.





Item: EI-3932

2 Perfume Bottles EVENING IN PARIS MIB

2 gorgeous cobalt blue bottles of Evening In Paris MIB gift set. One cologne (1 oz. measures 4 1/2 in.) and one Perfume Essence (.15 oz measures 2 1/4 in.) . Label and bottle both in excellent condition. Box measures 6 3/4 x 5 1/2 in.





Item: EI-73


A nice vintage Bakelite perfume set that consists of 4 figural card suit shaped tops (heart and diamond=red and spade and club=black) on glass bottles that all fit together in a little swirly butterscotch bakelite holder. Very hard to find set. This one is in great condition with the exception of a chip on the inside of the holder which is not evident when the bottles are in place. Measures 2 1/4" across x 1 3/4¡¨ tall. No labels on bottles or holder, but this set was manufactured by Bouton.







Item: EI-3930

German Porcelain Kewpie Perfumes (Crown Top)

Here are 2 different German Porcelain Kewpie perfumes (sold individually). One is a pure white porcelain (there are shadows on the pictures, but it is pure white) and the other is flesh painted porcelain. They are 2 1/4 inches tall. I believe that they once had gold metal crown top stoppers, but I don¡¦t have them. These kewpies came in a number of poses. The white one has it's arms crossed across it's chest while the flesh toned one has it¡¦s arms by its sides. The kewpies are naked and the flesh toned one has a light brown forelock and eyebrows, blue and black eyes which are lined with black and looking up with peach toned cheeks and a red mouth. On the bottom in light orange ink is stamped "Germany". This little kewpie is in excellent condition, while the white one has what appears to me to be a manufacturing flaw on the back of the head where it is sort of flattened. (see picture for detail.) Otherwise wonderful...the white one is not marked.





  $165 white Kewpie

   $250 Flesh Kewpie


Item: EI-3928

Cuir De Russie perfume Mury Paris France

Beautiful floral embossed (front and top only) perfume bottle of Cuir De Russie perfume by Mury Paris France. Label in excellent condition as well as bottle with no chips or cracks or repairs. Measures 2 1/2 in.




Item: EI-74


A nice vintage Art deco style perfume glass bottle. There is a sweet smelling liquid inside, but I cannot guarantee that it is the original scent. Bottle measures 3 3/4¡¨ tall. Label s are in excellent condition as well as the bottle with no chips. Cork stopper.



Item: EI-3600


Rare and quite unusual is this early 1900s vintage store box which used to contain 36 perfume vials in different scents. Now the box contains 8 empty vials (except for a few drops due to evaporation). The vials are still sealed and the gorgeous labels are still intact as well. The original box unfolds to be used as a counter display in a vintage Druggist's shop or General Store. The scent names are: BOCADIA, JAPANESE HONEYSUCKLE, CARNATION PINK, SWEET PEA, WHITE ROSE, WHITE LOCUST BLOSSOM and MASSATTA. The set is in wonderful condition for it's age even though it is missing some vials. The box measures 5 x 3 1/2 in. and the vials measure 5 in.




  $ 500.00

Item: EI-3598

Unusual Deep Carved Bakelite Turtle / Tortoise Solid Perfume Pin

Wonderfully unusual and possibly rare vintage Bakelite carved turtle pin with a surprise. It opens up to reveal a small compartment for solid perfume. It is a lovely root beer color made to look like tortoise shell. He has little carved eyes, back, legs and feet. There is a lot of detail here.  No chips, cracks or repairs. it is in wonderful condition and hinge and clasp work great as well.  Measures 2 3/4" long. Great cross collectible.




Item: EI-1381

Mini Figural KEWPIE PERFUME Green Frosted Glass

Very unusual and possibly rare especially in this color. Possibly German, green frosted glass perfume mini kewpie baby perfume bottle. Kewpie has the typical little curl on the forehead. Eyes are painted and so were lips, but they show paint wear. Excellent condition. No chips or cracks. Measuring 2 3/8 in.


$ 125.00

Item: EI-1638

1950s BOY DOLL HEAD Perfume Cologne Bottle

Wonderful and unusual boy’s doll head on a perfume or cologne bottle dating to, I believe, the 1950s. The doll’s head is a soft vinyl plastic and the hat and neck piece are red felt. The felt clothing does show minimal signs of age. The His face paint is all intact. The bottle measures 6 in. high. What a cutie and a great unusual addition for your collection!

$ 45.00

Item: EI-3933


Adorable little perfume bottle with a RARE blue moon / yellow / green swirl Bakelite rabbit top. Although the label is not there, this was manufactured by the Bouton Co. probably with Sweet Pea perfume. This mini measures 2 in. The rabbit is 5/8 in. thick. No chips or cracks.



Item: EI-184

LUCKY LINDY Perfume commemorates Charles Lindberg

Here is a wonderful and possibly RARE perfume called LUCKY LINDY PARFUM. It is “the essence of luck”. Made by Nipola Co. in St. Paul. The vial is made of glass (no perfume left) with a little cork stopper and it is inside (the best part) a red cardboard tube with a white label with a picture of Lindy’s plane and the name of the perfume on it. Measures 3 in. long. Also included inside the vial is a paper that tells a little bit about the perfume....and how to get more (at that time). A must have for the unusual perfume collection. Perfect condition.


$ 48.00

Item: EI-185

Vintage Plastic Figural Perfume CINDERELLA’S SLIPPER

Here is a wonderful green blue (turquoise color) over washed Bakelite or Celluloid whiskey bottle which I believe once held a small glass vial for perfume. It has a gold enameled top and a paper label that says Scotch. Unscrews in the middle to open. Wonderful condition, no chips or cracks. Measures 2 1/2 in. A wonderful and unique addition for your collection.



Item: EI-3317


Wonderful sea green Bakelite figural needle case in the shape of a whiskey bottle. It has a gold enameled top. Paper label says SCOTCH. Bottom of case marked Germany.Unscrews in the middle to open. Wonderful condition, no chips or cracks. Measures 2 1/2 in.


$ 125.00 ON HOLD

Item: EI-2791


Here is a most fabulous and all original figural Bakelite and Celluloid (rare combination) perfume holder of a flapper lady. The long tube consists of the upper half Celluloid bust of the flapper and a pretty red Bakelite bottom. It holds its original glass perfume vial, but unfortunately the tiny dauber has broken off. Many of these no longer even contain the perfume vile, so this is really not a detraction from the item. This figural perfume bottle holder is in excellent collection. Her face and bust paint is in wonderful, near mint condition. There are no chips, cracks or repairs to this item. Measures 2 7/8 in. tall.



$ 250.00

Item: EI-3115

Vintage Figural Perfume Large CANDLE STICK Apple Blossom Lander

This is such a neat dime store figural novelty perfume bottle in the shape of a large CANDLE STICK. The flame top is possibly bakelite. Scent is Apple Blossom distributed by Lander. It holds 1/2 fl. oz. size bottle measuring 5 3/4 in. tall and it fits inside the silver tone candle holder which measures approx. 2 1/4 in tall. Label in good condition, and the bottle is in wonderful condition with no chips or cracks. There seems to be some perfume left in the bottle. What a cute addition for your collection.


$ 55.00


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