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Item: EI-3277

Multicolor BAKELITE HEARTS CHARM Dangle Pin Rare Colors

Here is a most beautiful Bakelite extra large hearts charm dangle pin using some rare colors. The beauty of the colors were difficult to capture in the picture...they are much more beautiful in person!! The Bakelite pieces are authentic 1930s vintage (test + with hot water) new old stock. The rare small opaque pink heart is laminated on top of an XL opaque blue heart. A celluloid loop connects the hearts charm to a curved red bar pin which has a chartreuse flower with a dark green center decorating it. The dangle pin measures 2 in. long and the large heart measures 1 1/4 in. across at its widest point. Excellent condition. One of my new creations.



Item: EI-3244

M-Ms BAKELITE BRACELET Philadelphia Colors

Beautiful multicolored Bakelite bracelet. The Bakelite pieces are authentic 1930s vintage (test + with hot water) and each domed disk measures 7/8 in. in diameter. These domed pieces are sometimes referred to as M-Ms. The beautiful domed pieces are outstanding in color. They are bright orange, chartreuse green, cream corn, swirly translucent red and black. The chain link bracelet is gold tone. Bracelet measures 6 1/2 in. Excellent condition. with no chips, cracks or repairs


Item: EI-3283

BAKELITE & LUCITE RINGS in gorgeous colors

Beautiful multi-material Bakelite and Lucite vintage rings. The Bakelite pieces are authentic 1930s vintage Bakelite and the Lucite band is also a vintage piece. Put together to make these lovely rings. Mint condition...never worn....the rings are approximately a size 5 1/2 -6. From left to right the colors are magenta/purple, turquoise, and bubble gum pink swirl.

$20.00 each



Item: EI-3258

MINT *UnUsUaL*& Fabulous Bakelite Era Lucite Black Apples Fruit & Leaf Necklace

Here is a wonderful Bakelite era Lucite black apples and leaves necklace. They dangle from a black plastic chain with a celluloid spiral closure. Necklace measures approx. 20 in. Vintage old stock never worn. Mint condition.





Item: EI-3229


  Wonderful and hard to find pair of Asian or China man earrings from my personal collection. I have had these for years and have not worn them in such a long time that I decided to let someone else enjoy them. They are a fabulous dark green with slight marbling. Wonderfully hand carved detail. Guaranteed vintage. Screw backs. They measures 1 1/4 x 1 in. Mint condition.



Item: EI-3243

BAKELITE & LUCITE RING multicolors laminated flower

Beautiful multi-material Bakelite and Lucite vintage ring. The Bakelite pieces are authentic 1930s vintage Bakelite and the Lucite band is also a vintage piece. Put together to make this lovely ring. Colors are red, yellow and a swirly translucent apple juice cabochon. Mint condition...never worn....ring is approximately a size 5 1/2 -6.




Item: EI-3166



This is one of my © creations designed with all vintage Bakelite parts. An adorable littlest angel charm pendant. She is cream corn in color and has golden angel’s wings and a golden halo. Hand painted detail. She measures approx.
1 1/4 in. tall. Excellent condition!



Item: EI-3227

Outstanding Geometric BAKELITE NECKLACE disks and balls

Fantastic Bakelite geometric design which has smooth double sided domed disks in a beautiful warm translucent tortoiseshell color. In between are touches of fantastic Bakelite colors including warm olive green, bright cherry red, creamsicle orange, leaf green, caramel pumpkin and cream opaque yellow which all dangle from a black plastic chain with a self spiral closure. This necklace measures 17 1/2 in. Each disk measures 1 1/8 in. in diameter. Excellent condition.




Item: EI-3272

XL Figural BAKELITE BUTTON Realistic Screw 2 Colors

Wonderful vintage realistic extra large two colored screw button made of Bakelite. Nice patina on the butterscotch colored part of the button. Measures  1 5/8 in. long x 3/4 in. (butterscotch top) Excellent condition (there is an old glue spot on the side). A wonderful representation of Bakelite in the Deco era!



  Item: EI-3191


Here is a fantastic dated 1927 unused red vintage Celluloid Auction Bridge book with a trump marker on the cover written in lovely gold script is the the word BRIDGE and at the bottom near the trump marker the words NO TRUMP. The little black Celluloid arrow moves to the suit you want. The little card symbols are laminated celluloid. It also has its original little pencil attached to the Celluloid loop. On the inside left side of the book there are counts, penalties and bonuses for the game and on the other side is a pad to keep score. At the bottom it is marked 1927 Revised count on last page. . This is in MINT condition with original box. Measures 5 in. x 3 in. Colors are bright. This is really Art Deco Supreme!




  Item: EI-3251

8 BAKELITE BUTTON BALLS Mint on Card AppleJuice Prystal

8 matching domed Bakelite buttons on Ultra Kraft button card. The buttons measure 1/2 in. in diameter. The buttons are in perfect condition, as is the card. New Old Stock. These have a self drilled shank.



Item: EI-2650

Chunky BAKELITE BUTTON wrapped gift

This Bakelite button is a neat one. It is a chunky wrapped gift. It has hand painted detail in very good condition with no chips or cracks. It measures approx. 1 1/8 in. x 7/8 in. x 1/4 in. thick. Metal loop shank. Unusual addition to your collection.


Item: EI-3279

XL Black BAKELITE BUTTON with Silver Floral Escutcheon


Black Bakelite button with a gorgeous detailed silver floral escutcheon. This button has a metal loop shank. It measures 1 3/4 in. in diameter. Great condition with no chips, cracks or repairs.


$ 30.00

  Item: EI-3249



5 matching BLACK FIGURE NUMBER 8 shaped Bakelite buttons on Hollywood button card. The buttons measure 3/4 x 1/4 in. in the buttons are in perfect condition, but the card has and 2 light pencil marks on the front. creases. These are sew thrus.


$ 50.00


Item: EI-3273

XL Figural CELLULOID BAKELITE BUTTON Realistic Pencil 3Colors

Wonderful vintage realistic extra large three colored pencil button. I know that the cream part of the button is made of Celluloid (french ivory-you can see the ivory grain). I am not 100% positive of the tip. I think it could be Bakelite. Measures
1 3/4 in. long. Excellent condition. Metal loop shank. A wonderful representation of Bakelite in the Deco era!



Item: EI-3188


This is a HARD TO FIND book that was written © 1946 by Virginia Saunders suggested by the “Tykie Toy” characters created by Dick Grosvenor. It was illustrated by Virginia and Don Saunders. It was published by the Tykie Toy Co. in Piqua, Ohio, the famous makers of the Bakelite crib toys we love so well. Stories include Baby Bunny (who many think is a cat) and the Magic Merry-go-round, Settie Lou and Sweater Boy Go To a Taffy Party, Cannibal Baby, Peepo the Clown and Bobby Bear and His Happy Home. Not knowing how one rates books, I believe that this book is in wonderful condition with the exception of having corner wear on all corners of the cover. The plastic binding appears to be missing a tiny piece at the bottom which does not inhibit the use or display of it. There is a bit of the paper missing on the upper right corner of the cover where baby bunny is as seen in the pictures. the name Lynne Peterson is written on the inside cover. Illustrations are in both color and black and white. If you want to see more pictures, please contact us.



Item: EI-3282


Very beautiful Bakelite cherries fill this large carved basket. The basket is a gorgeous bright opaque red and the color of these cherries are so gorgeous that they almost look good enough to eat!!! They are a swirly mixture of mottled lighter reds and darker reds. The cherries have been professionally restemmed and are very strong, so there will be no problem wearing this beauty. This one is seen in all the best of Bakelite books. Excellent condition with no chips or cracks. Measures 2 7/8 in




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