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Item: EI-722


Unusual cross collectible...BARWARE & CASINO... Here are 2 sets of Bakelite dice inside a mini chrome cocktail shaker. The shaker is lined with a purple fabric, so the dice make less noise when shaken. Measures 2 in. Bottom is marked DRGM REGD Germany. I would guesstimate the vintage to be around 1940’s-50s, but I am not positive. Excellent condition with some surface wear which is typical of an item of this nature. Dice appear to be in good condition with typical wear of items of this age.

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$ 145.00

Item: EI-969

Six Different 1940's Drink COASTERS Painted Dogs

Here are the cutest drink coasters I have seen. Each one has a different handpainted dog on it. I am not sure if the coasters are made of a chip wood material or a composition. I believe they are from the 1940's. They are in excellent condition with no chips or cracks to the coasters themselves. However, on a couple of the coasters there is very minor paint loss. They measure 4 in. in diameter.

$ 75.00

Item: EI-2229

Two PINK ELEPHANT Drink Recipe Books

Great lot for the Pink Elephant cocktail collector! Set of 2 little books in original boxes...Volume 2 is very hard to find!!! The books give 200 each (x2) of the most requested mixed drinks on alcohol resistant cards. There are 196 pages in each spiral bound book and they measure 4 in. Recipes are separated by liquor type. Books are in very good condition while the boxes show some spots where tags were placed. A great addition for your bar or pink elephant collection. ....drink too many and YOU may see pink elephants. Just fabulous!

$ 60.00

Item: EI-2229A

Two PINK ELEPHANT Drink Tip Trays

2 pink elephant tip trays which have pink elephants surrounding them and cocktail glasses in the center of the trays. 1950's vintage. One tray is in excellent condition, while one tray has a couple of spots of discoloration....not so noticeable and not a detraction to the item. The trays measure approx 4x6. A great addition for your bar or pink elephant collection. ....drink too many and YOU may see pink elephants. Just fabulous!

$ 30.00

Item: EI-1827


This is a fantastic red Bakelite barware utensil set still in the original box with original tag. There is a spoon to stir cocktails and a fork to get olives or onions out of the jar. This one is unusual since it has the double ball handle tops and the top ball is sort of pointed at the top. The condition of the utencils are excellent and the box is in fair condition. The utensils measure approx. 8 in. and the box measures 9 1/2 in.


$ 125.00

Item: EI-1406

Deco Chase Style CAT JIGGER shot Glass Pourer

This is a fantastic Art Deco style cat jigger measuring one oz. of liquor (marked on the back near the tail). there are no other markings on it, so I am not positive of the vintage. Looks like the Chase era & style. Silver metal, I don't know if it is plated silver or what. I do know that it is very unique. If you collect unusual barware, this is an item not to be missed. Measures 3 3/4 in. tall and is in excellent condition.



  Item: EI-1865

3 in1 SNOWMAN BAR TOOL Corkscrew Opener Jigger

Unique and unusual 3 in 1 Snowman bar tool. Just as COOL as he can be!! Jigger is the body, face is the bottle opener and under the hat is the corkscrew. Excellent condition with minute paint loss and minor surface scratches. Measures approx. 5 in. tall. A great figural addition to your bar as well as a neat conversation piece!


$ 125.00

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