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Item: EI-2076


Here is a wonderful Bakelite hinged bracelet. It is deeply and heavily carved with a triple rose and leaf design that is also pierced through in various places. The bracelet is a warm reddish brown. A really lovely color! It is an oval shape to fit the wrist. It measures measures 2 1/4 in. inside diameter from side to side and 1 5/8 in. inside from top to bottom x 1 1/4 in. wide outside. The hinge is tight and it closes just fine. It is in excellent condition. I will make note of a flea sized indentation on the inside of the bottom part of the bracelet. I believe it was probably there since the bracelet was made since it is very smooth. You cannot see it when the bracelet is on. It does not detract from the quality of this fine bracelet at all. A wonderful addition to any fine Bakelite collection!

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$ 395.00

  Item: EI-1889

Green Celluloid 8-sided Bangle with French Ivory Elephants

A very rare Celluloid bangle from the Bakelite era. A gorgeous green octagon bracelet with 8 miniature French Ivory (you can see the grain-like lines on the elephants) walking around the bangle. I have never seen another one like this. I have had it for quite a few years, but never wore it so it is time to give it a new home.


$ 295.00

  Item: EI-1478


Here is a gorgeous, wide and rare 4 dot Bakelite bangle in a very unusual color. Sometimes it is so difficult to capture the beauty of these Bakelite bangles in a scan or picture. Often, as with this one, it is much more beautiful in person. The color reminds me of black cherry, red plum or it could be like the violet red color found in the old Crayola crayons box!!! It has beautifully marbled translucent yellow marbled swirl dots that really stand out against the dark opaque background color. I took over 20 pictures of this bangle and I still could not capture the color as it is in person. I think the pictures make it too brown... The bangle measures approx. 1 1/2 in. wide. This is definitely an OLD Bakelite bangle...NOT newly dotted! It is in excellent condition with no chips or cracks. This is one heck of a fantastic bracelet and one you will love to own! I have added a large group of pictures in hopes that you will get the idea of the beauty.



Item: EI-1430

Bakelite and Wood FLYING HORSE Pin

Whimsical wood and Bakelite flying horse (Pegasus) with sisal tail has a big red Bakelite eye, big painted smile and painted feet. Carving for detail. Very minor paint wear. This one has it all, he's just got to make you smile! Measures 2.5" X 2 3/4".

$ 195.00

Item: EI-1828

Bakelite era Moving Wood Mexican & Guitar Pin

You can almost hear the music when you look at this guy. This is a fantastic hard to find pin from the Bakelite era. It is made of wood and has hand painted detail. His arm moves up and down as if to be playing his guitar. He is in fantastic condition with no chips, cracks, repairs. He measures approx. 3 3/4 in. tall.


$ 195.00

Item: EI-869

Pretty LUCITE & WOOD Figural Fan Pin

Here is a lovely Lucite and wood figural pin in the shape of a vintage fan. It has reverse carving and a painted wood bottom. Riveted pin pack . Pin measures 3 in. There are no chips or cracks, but there is some minor discoloration to the pin back. A very different vintage Lucite pin to add to your collection.

$ 95.00

  Item: EI-1838


Possibly a scarf pin, these 2 dogs are on spring latches which remain tight  as the day they were made. They both open outward to place the scarf inside,  so the dogs are on either side of the scarf holding it in place. The spring hinges are attached to a Bakelite bar which has a regular pin back. If you choose not to wear a scarf, you can use it just like a regular pin as it gives a 3 dimensional look. Very beautiful. Unusual to find Airedale...more common are the Scotty pins. Nice large size. Color is a deep translucent dk cherry red. Tests positive for Bakelite with Simichrome. There are no chips, cracks, repairs, is in as mint condition as these items can be. Measures approx. 3 1/4 x 1 3/4



Item: EI-352

Bakelite & Wood Laminated/carved Eagle Pin

Wonderful glossy black bakelite and wood eagle pin. The wood is dark in color and the Bakelite is laminated on top and then carved down 2 times to reveal 3 different colors (black, rust, dark brown). The bakelite is in excellent condition with no chips or cracks. I did notice a minute indentation in the wood however, which is at the top part of the right wing. It is ever so slight and actually appears to have been done during manufacturing. In no way does it detract from the pin as it is barely visible. The pin is 1/4 of an inch at the thickest point and measures 3 by 2 inches. The eye is a golden yellow glass rhinestone and the carving is deep. The pin back is an embedded safety clasp. All original and old. This is a truly wonderful patriotic pin and would be an asset to any Bakelite collection.

$ 395.00

Item: EI-738

Art Deco Silver & Bakelite BUG PIN

Here is a fabulous pin. It is pictured in the Collector's Corner book Bakelite Jewelry. The body is a greenish color of Bakelite that you can tell was once light blue. There is a turquoise color bead on the head also. The pin is unmarked, but I think it was most likely European. It has a safety catch closure. The pin measures 2 x 1 3/4 in. It is in mint condition.

$ 275.00

Item: EI-1824

Bakelite era BELLHOP w/KEYS PIN - Mint

“Call the Bellhop to the Front!” This is a fantastic pin from the Bakelite era. It is made of hard plastic...not sure exactly what kind though. He is in fantastic condition. He measures 2 3/4 in. tall.


Item: EI-1836


 What a cutie!!! If you like Bakelite and you like lady bugs, this is the pin for you. Quite unusual in size with Bakelite on top and metal on the back and for legs (see pic). Colors are apple juice Bakelite with black enameled details. I am pretty sure this one is European. Tests positive for Bakelite with Simichrome. Little lady bug is in excellent condition with only a few specks of paint wear. Measures approx. 3/4 x 5/8.


$ 95.00

Item: EI-1348

3 CRVD Octagon Patriotic Colors Bakelite Bangles

3 gorgeous matching Bakelite bangles fresh from an estate of an 81 year old lady! She wore these as a young woman in the times when Bakelite was the fashion. Two measure 7/8 in. wide, 1/4 in. thick, inside diameter 2 1/2 in. The other one measures 1/4 in. thick with the inside diameter 2 1/2 in. Test + w/Simichrome. 8 sided with every other side carved with a diagonal line design...a fabulous statement when worn together! Condition is excellent. No  chips, cracks, repairs.



Item: EI-920

Carved Underpainted LUCITE CAT PIN - Book Piece

Adorable clear Lucite cat brooch with light carving and painting. There is a c-clasp embedded in the back which works fine. In excellent condition except for some of the paint has worn off a bit. No chips or cracks. Measures about 3" tall and 3" wide.

$ 235.00

Item: EI-1580

Scarce ** LUCITE CAT PIN ** a different one!

Adorable and hard to find clear Lucite cat brooch with light carving on top and painting. There is a c-clasp embedded in the back which works fine. In excellent condition except for some of the paint has worn off a bit. No chips or cracks. Nice large size measures about 2 1/4" tall and 2 3/4" wide.

$ 295.00

Item: EI-1740


Here is a wonderful Bakelite hinged bracelet. It is hard to believe that all this wonderful carving is on one bracelet. It is carved with different designs, one on either side. One side resembles fan shells and the other side is floral with a large leaf. It has a very unusual hinge too, not the typical metal hinge. This one is hinged with a pin through the Bakelite. the side opposite the hinge is the carved leaf. The bracelet is a warm chocolate brown. It is more of an oval shape than round. It measures measures 2 5/8 inside diameter in. from side to side and 2 1/4 in. from top to bottom x7/8 in. wide. It closes just fine. It is in excellent condition. All I can say is ***WoW*** this one is Simply Gorgeous and totally UnIqUe... for the TRUE COLLECTOR'S COLLECTION!

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$ 300.00

  Item: EI-1222


Here are 4 octagon shaped Bakelite bangles in mint condition...never worn...with original Marblette tag. The bangle colors are cream corn, dark blue, light parrot green and bright orange. They look fabulous together! Wear alone together or as spacers with other similar shaped bangles. They measure 3/16 of an in wide with a 2 1/2 in. inside opening.


$ 200.00

  Item: EI-1236

 Set of 3 Vivid BAKELITE Cuff Bracelets

Wonderful vintage set of 3 Bakelite cuff bracelets. Bright green, cream corn and bright orange. All in excellent condition, 2 measure 3/16 in. thick and the other measures 1/2 in. thick. These are an oval shape measuring 2 7/8 in across and have a wrist diameter of 2 1/8 in. with an opening to put them on your wrist of 1/2 in. and are 1/2 in. high. These slip on your wrist sideways and fit around your wrist more tightly than a regular bangle. They also sit high up off your wrist. Great color combination in an unusual shape. A great addition for your collection.



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